Of course we all agree that the whole story of a depopulation agenda is a conspiracy theory, but if there were such a thing, I can only say they are making good progress!

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While the UK media is obsessed with Harry and Meghan! Absolutely unbelievable what shills Western media have become. Shameful.

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"talking-head epedemiologists (sic) and virologists" - love it!

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Canadian Mortality Surge: Year of the "Pandemic" Vs. Year of the "Vaccine"


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New Zealand had less deaths than normal in 2020 when lockdowns were in effect but I imagine being an island and having low population density has something to do with that. Lockdown also happened at the start of winter in nz so was in place for the normal flu season. Just before Christmas 2022 covid rates were high even though it was summer and there was talk in the media of it being just as bad as winter covid rates. Reinfection rate is about 30%. To me this points to a lot of immune system damage in the vaccinated considering we are in summer

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Keep up the good work! I did a regression analysis of the relationship between excess mortality and booster rates in the 16 German states, based on Fabian Spieker's data (December 2022). Positive and significant correlation (Rsq = 0.29, p = 0.03). See equation below:

EM = -0.8401 + 0.1766BR where EM = excess mortality rate, BR = booster rate

Although it is dangerous to extrapolate, the negative intercept is interesting since it indicates that if nobody was boosted excess deaths would be negative, which is what we would expect with covid bringing deaths forward.

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Thank you for pulling this info together and speaking up.

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Excellent analysis, especially making note of the pull forward effect whereby a lower than normal death rate is to be expected after a period of excess deaths. Another consideration that can only be somewhat overcome by consideration of all cause figures is healthy vaccinee bias, vaccines typically not being given to those who are on death's doorstep, which inherently makes the stats for the unvaccinated cohort look much worse in any comparison.

Consider the following hypothetical scenario:

Group A: 100,000 person-years, 12 deaths = 120 deaths per million person-years

Group B: 100,000 person-years, 10 deaths = 100 deaths per million person-years

Looks like Group B did much better, right? Not so fast…

Say Group A included 20,000 individuals with very serious health conditions, 10 of whom died, but none of Group B were in such poor condition.

Then, among the healthy subset of Group A, we have only 2 deaths among 80,000 person-years, or only 25 deaths per million person-years, which corresponds to 1/4 of the rate for those among Group B of comparable baseline health.

All cause figures somewhat take care of that, because they highlight the overall effects on the population of a given event or mass practice. And since the COVID jabs have come out, the continued and even increasing excess death after a prolonged period of excess death is absolutely damning.

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‘why is MSM not blaring these figures!?’ Because they have more important things to report, like the latest from HRH The Ginger Whinger.

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The captured media isn't reporting on the depopulation evidence because those who own them want to assure that depopulation remains a "conspiracy theory". Anyone who calls them out on this will be labeled as a conspiracy theorist and referred to the Kaufman institute: See here for further info: https://t.me/scifiworld0/4884

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Edward Dowd and team report similar data for USA. They have also used Insurance company data.

Of course MSM silent. They are funded to only promote the side of the sociopaths hellbent on rolling out the great reset.

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Here's why, and let's just get this firmly planted:

1. MSM is NOT on the side of the People; they censor, they lie, they toe the line of the oligarchs.

2. What is happening is what was **intended** to happen, although it may well be that the death rate is lower than was anticipated by the Evil Ones. That doesn't mean we're out of the "woods."

3. There is more nefarious activity yet to come. The "Covid" fraud was a preliminary, a "softening," if you will, for what else is planned. That is an absolute takeover of our banking system, which is falling apart and festering as we speak. Fiat currency only goes for so long and then... financial doom. The Filthy Rich have been soaking us, globally, or at the very least, in the Western countries, the "Five Eyes," for a long time, and now that it's almost over they are desperate to soak it all up and somehow turn it into something real, but only for themselves. It's all just dream currency now, so... whatever.

4. We are now "descending into hell, and on the third day we shall rise again." So to speak. This year, or at least some of it, is going to be a bit rough, if not horrible, for some of us. But we will survive this and come out the other side, and begin to re-build. We have a DUTY to our species to remain POSITIVE, as in hopeful, defiant regarding oligarchy nastiness, and supportive of each other-- because this is the beginning of a better era, a step forward in our development as a species, and We Shall Survive, whole, intact, and as a community, made up of a whole lot of small communities. This is not going to be EASY, but nothing really worthwhile and lasting is ever easy.

In the words of Black Flag: Rise above, we're rise above!

So be good to your brothers and sisters, it's time to SUPPORT EACH OTHER. The enemy is not just these Evil oligarchs, but also negativity, hatred, intolerance. Ask for Divine Guidance. Keep your heart fires burning. We are ONE people. Be brave, be good, be strong.

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I wonder how many are due to old people unable to afford to properly heat their homes.

It's said to be in the thousands each year in UK.

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If these stats don't give you the shills , you are just a walking dead! The western world has fallen!

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A broad church indeed, but always be aware that as our numbers grow, we become a marketing opportunity for crystal ball gazers and pseudo scientists trying to jump on the bandwagon. Just saying. Be critical: be aware: open eyes!

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I'm following all cause data from all over the world and this is the same pattern.

I agree with TRM, re the 2015-2019 average comparison though.

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